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Not afraid of big animals: Katarina in Oslo

"We are VIER!" Today: Katarina Imsen, VIER Technical Writer

Katarina ensures, among other things, that information about the features of VIER products and solutions is readily understandable for users. Here, she shares insights into her daily work.

Hello Katarina, how long have you been part of VIER?
I've been part of VIER for over 4 years now. I started as a working student in the technical documentation department at 4Com, one of our founding companies. At that time, I wanted to see if the profession of a Technical Writer suited me, and whether I should pursue a corresponding Master's degree after completing my Bachelor's. As it turned out, I really enjoy the work, and I even wrote my Master's thesis at VIER! Since September 2022, I've been fully committed to it full-time.

You are VIER Technical Writer: What does your daily work look like?
My daily work is very diverse: Most of the time, I gather information from various departments and make it understandable, such as in the form of user manuals or release notes. I also ensure that our manuals and other documents are translated. Additionally, I review the texts in our user interfaces and act as a contact person for the UX team regarding questions about individual features.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?
I enjoy having a role that connects different areas. This means I'm constantly learning and staying at the forefront of development. It definitely keeps things interesting. Additionally, I appreciate the variety of tasks and interacting with colleagues from diverse areas.

Which skills or experiences from other jobs help you in your work?
During high school and at the beginning of my studies, I worked part-time in the food service industry. There, you learn to keep a cool head even in stressful situations and communicate with all kinds of people. This greatly helps me in my current work, especially when facing very short deadlines or when information needs to be quickly gathered from different parts of the company.

Have you ever found something great on the street?
Not on the street, but when I'm on vacation walking along the beach, I like to keep my eyes open, and I've found some beautiful pieces of sea glass, brightly colored and smoothly polished. Wonderful!