Philipp Grochowski, VIER Lead Expert Emotion Analytics
Philipp Grochowski with his BMW Youngtimer.

"We are VIER!" – Philipp Grochowski, VIER Lead Expert Emotion Analytics

What does Philipp Grochowski do as Lead Expert at VIER? Find out here!

Hello Philipp – how long have you been part of VIER?

I have been a permanent part of VIER since September 2021. Before that, I also had contact and worked for VIER on a freelance basis.

You are Lead Expert Emotion Analytics – what are you doing?

My main focus is on our Emotion AI solution "Emotion Analytics". This artificial intelligence has been learning to derive psychological information from speech for 10 years now. I work on the scientific development of the technology as well as on its meaningful use in our products and with our customers. I am also responsible for partner management.

What do you particularly like about your job?

The immediate benefit and applicability of the insights we create. The possibility of making linguistic and thus also mental patterns measurable and visible enables users to consciously reflect on and develop their thinking and behaviour. I find it very interesting to better understand the connections between thinking, speaking, behaviour and interaction with others. I learn something about myself and others every day and I think that we at VIER make a significant contribution to a better understanding of ourselves and others.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

I studied psychology and did my Master's degree in "Biological Personality Psychology" in Göttingen at the time. A basic understanding of psychological concepts, for example the differences and connections between personality and behaviour, benefits me almost daily. Likewise, my professional experience in personnel consulting, as well as my corporate experience, help me in dealing with our clients and fulfilling their wishes. At the same time, I am grateful for the personal experience with our linguistic-psychological emotion AI. It shows me that my sentences are rather long and convoluted and thus not necessarily easy to understand. So I have already recognised this, but such a deeply rooted habit cannot be broken overnight, even with AI feedback ;-)

In which situation in your life have you been really lucky?

In November 2021, I was driving on the motorway from Mannheim to Hanover in the evening when I tried to avoid a rabbit at 120 km/h. Unfortunately, I lost control of my beloved BMW Youngtimer, which I crashed head-on into the concrete roadside barrier. The lack of comprehensive insurance and the total loss of my dream car do not necessarily fall into the "lucky" category. But: If the accident had happened 200 metres further on, there would have been no road barrier to stop me! I would have slid down the embankment at an angle - and who knows what would have happened then. I think and feel that I was lucky. I'm fine, the car has since been replaced and the rabbit was also fine. From that point of view: All is well!

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