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"We are VIER!" Today: Sirke Reimann, VIER Chief Information Security Officer

In this interview, Sirke introduces us to his area of responsibility and his daily work routine at VIER!

Hello Sirke, since when have you been part of VIER?
I've been part of the VIER team since November 1, 2022, so just over a year now. During this time, I've had the opportunity to get to know the company and its culture and to settle into my position. A special highlight was the ISO 27001 certification of the information security management system I'm responsible for, through which I was able to make a valuable contribution to the company's success.

You are the Chief Information Security Officer – what does your daily work routine look like?
My daily work routine is extremely varied and demanding. I ensure the security and privacy of information and systems both internally and for our clients. This involves tasks such as identifying, assessing, and mitigating security risks, developing and implementing security policies and procedures, training and raising awareness among employees, collaborating with various teams to integrate security and privacy across all areas of the company, and responding to and handling security incidents and breaches. Additionally, I serve as a point of contact for our clients regarding security and privacy inquiries. Every day brings new challenges!

What do you particularly like about your work?
I especially appreciate the diversity of tasks, the close collaboration with colleagues, and the opportunity to have a direct impact on the security of sensitive information and systems. In my role, I can contribute to both highly operational and technical solutions as well as strategic developments. This versatility in my work is something I really enjoy. Another aspect is the challenge of finding effective solutions for various situations and sometimes unforeseen events. Additionally, I'm pleased that I've already been able to contribute to improving security standards and data protection, even though I've only been with VIER for a short time.

Which skills or experiences from previous positions help you?
I benefit greatly from my previous career path. I've always had a passion for programming since school, studied IT security, worked as a consultant for IT and information security, and most recently, I've been working in the fields of IT security and information security. As a result, I bring both the necessary technical understanding for our development and IT operations as well as experience in improving security within the organization and its processes. I also think very analytically, can quickly grasp complex problems, and develop effective and efficient solutions. At the same time, I can see things from a potential attacker's perspective to identify and assess security vulnerabilities and threats. I'm approachable, and my communication skills help me convey complex issues understandably. I see it as my responsibility to engage the VIER-o-nauts and convey the importance of security and data protection to them.

Is there an object from your childhood that you still own?
Yes, I actually still have a stuffed animal from my childhood? It's a duck that was given to me as a baptism gift. And even though it's showing signs of wear and tear over the years, it still accompanies me. It has a permanent place on the headboard of my bed – although I don't cuddle with it anymore 😉