We are VIER! – Thomas Brahm
Thomas Brahm, VIER Marketing Campaign Manager

„We are VIER!“ Today: Thomas Brahm, VIER Marketing Campaign Manager

What does Thomas Brahm do in his daily work as Marketing Campaign Manager? Here are his answers.

Hello Thomas, since when have you been part of VIER?

Virtually from the very beginning! I originally came from voiXen, where I was hired in November 2019. So I was lucky enough to witness the "birth" of VIERwith all the great products. In this context, it was particularly pleasant that the new marketing team, of which I am a part, worked together perfectly from day 1. Besides that, I was very impressed by the openness and easy communication.

You are a Marketing Campaign Manager - what do you take care of?

I see myself as a kind of internal service provider for the marketing team and support all members in this function. In the team we live a certain specialisation, so the tasks of the individual team members are very different - and so is the cooperation with me. For example, all mailings go through my desk. I also take care of the CRM and provide the leads. But I am also involved in the further development and optimisation of our internal processes and tools.

What do you particularly like about your job?

I have the privilege of not always having to do the same thing! Today I have to send out a newsletter, tomorrow I'm responsible for the technical support of a webinar, the day after tomorrow a follow-up is sent out, then our contact form on the website suddenly has hiccups and in between someone comes around the corner and wants an evaluation. Every day is different. The diversity of my tasks means that I never get bored.

What experience or skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

In the many years I have worked in marketing, I have made one thing my own: There is strength in calm! This is especially true when things get turbulent. Because with prudence and a talent for improvisation, a solution can be found for everything. And when things seem to be going nowhere, a wrong decision is better than none at all.

Supposedly, we humans have always been "hunters and gatherers" - can you confirm that?

I suspect that there are indeed voices that would put me in this category. But why? Strictly speaking, I'm an animal lover first and foremost, which is why about 250 bathtub ducks have found a new home with me... in addition, quite a few special telephones find a place with me... the few SUN computers from the 90s that I have reanimated don't really matter at all... and the American number plates that I find on my flea market visits at the weekend are actually ... ;-)

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