„We are VIER!“ – Torsten Pfeiffer
Torsten Pfeiffer, VIER Product Trainer

"We are VIER!" Today: Torsten Pfeiffer, VIER Product Trainer

What does VIER-o-naut Torsten Pfeiffer do as a product trainer? We asked him!

Hello Torsten – how long have you been part of VIER?

I have been with VIER for almost 8 years now. And after several professional stations I can say: I am where I belong.

You are VIER product trainer – what does your daily work look like?

My primary task is the transfer of knowledge for our clients, but also for our VIER-o-nauts. The goal of the coaching and training is to ensure that the users know our solutions very well and can operate and configure them. This starts with a three-hour training course for our customers' administrators/supervisors and extends to full-day, complete onboarding training courses. The longest once lasted 9 hours! The staff members who work with our VIER client are usually introduced to the operation in an approx. 1-hour training session shortly before the GO-LIVE. I conduct the training either on site or remotely - although I prefer personal contact.

What do you particularly like about your job?

Working with PEOPLE and imparting KNOWLEDGE! And since I also look after a few clients directly, I don't lose touch with the practical side. That is very important to me, so that I am always up-to-date.

What experience and skills from previous jobs help you in your work?

At 50+, I have already been able to gain a lot of experience, especially in the contact centre environment. As a student, I made calls inbound and outbound myself, so I know the agent and team processes very well. Doing outbound I was phoning lists by hand, without a dialer! Later I worked as a call centre manager and built and managed teams. My heart beats for direct sales. These practical experience serve me very well in our technical solutions and in knowledge transfer.

Is there a completely different profession you could have imagined?

Yes, of course! As a boy I wanted to become a professional footballer. In fact, I had a lot of talent and a great technique .... but unfortunately not enough speed. Later, I would have been interested in a job in the management of a football club. But no use crying over spilt milk! I'm with VIER and HAPPY!

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