exciting relies on speech analytics with VIER Interaction Analytics


The Challenge

Randomly listening to individual call recordings to check compliance with the specifications of its clients no longer made economic and procedural sense for exciting AG. A way had to be found to monitor 100% of the phone calls and quickly uncover any deviations.

The Solution

The core task of a call centre service provider is to represent its client perfectly to the outside world. With VIER Interaction Analytics, all telephone recordings can be checked. In this way, exciting can ensure and demonstrate that the employees act in accordance with the client's corporate guidelines. For a long time now, the client has not only been concerned with completing a maximum number of telephone calls in the shortest possible time. Today, the call centre service providers are real business partners of the client, who act in an advisory capacity from the project design to the conclusion of the sale and become a profit centre with high-quality sales activities.

Accordingly, the client's specifications are not only complex, but also relevant for bonuses and penalties with regard to factors such as corporate wordings, (non-)mentioning of competitors, cross-selling and upselling phrases, maximum call duration and commitment. If there are deviations here, it costs the service provider - contractually agreed - cash money.

VIER Interaction Analytics - the cloud-based software for easy management and evaluation of voice recordings - convinced the selection process as the most suitable solution. The software continuously analyses 100% of the voice recordings. These are converted into searchable text, automatically categorised and displayed in the dashboard according to individually defined criteria.

Dashboard components such as the taboo and target phrase tracker or the call statistics provide the quality managers in the dialogue centre of exciting AG with an overview of the daily performance. The management board also works with the analysis dashboard: at the push of a button, they receive an evaluation of thousands of telephone calls and can drill down to listen to the calls that provoke a rash in one or more components. The compilation of a meaningful dashboard takes only a few minutes.

And the quality management tool is not only used for monitoring compliance with interview requirements. Since the use of VIER Interaction Analytics and the integrated coaching analysis tool, the coaching effort has been reduced enormously. Instead of time-consuming manual voice file analyses, the coaches use the lists of conspicuous telephone recordings generated by the tool to process these directly with staff members, to map trends and to create coaching topics. The time of the coaches now mainly goes into direct coaching of the employees.

In future, it will be unavoidable to devote time to the customer channel in the recordings in order to optimally capture wishes and concerns, but also trends and changes in direction, in addition to the acute topics. The intuitive interface of VIER Interaction Analytics allows employees to quickly familiarise themselves with the system. In addition, exciting AG can use the advantages of the software quickly, as it is provided immediately from the cloud.

About exciting

With its headquarters in Neu-Isenburg, over 25 years of experience and 320 employees at its German location and 60 in Greece, the dialogue service provider exciting focuses on innovation and transparency. exciting stands for innovation and state-of-the-art technology, absolute transparency, fairness and a high level of personal commitment. Working together is fun because it is efficient and goal-oriented thanks to the motivated team. exciting does not use technology for technology's sake, but when it makes sense for the success of the project. At the same time, the company has an above-average commitment to its staff and partners. This contributes significantly to long-term success and secures the future of the company as well as the satisfaction of its customers.

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