German Red Cross

Telephone hotline with service numbers by VIER


The Challenge

With the onset of the Corona crisis, there was a danger of social isolation and loneliness, especially for older citizens. The institution "DRK Freunde" of the German Red Cross in and around Erkner, Berlin, wanted to remedy this situation and set up a telephone service especially for senior citizens. The telephone conversation service offered by "DRK Freunde" helps to break the social isolation of many, especially older people in the Corona crisis.

The Solution

Since 2 April 2020, citizens in and around Erkner have been able to use a free phone number of the German Red Cross to talk to other people on the phone. VIER sponsors the offer, which helps to break the social isolation of older citizens in particular. The local service number of "DRK Freunde" can be reached daily from 6 to 7 p.m. and is free of charge for callers. They are randomly connected to one of twenty volunteers of "DRK Freunde" to talk about a wide variety of topics, just as they might otherwise have done at the weekly market or at the bakery.

About the German Red Cross

The GRC saves people, helps in emergencies, offers people a community, stands by the poor and needy and oversees international humanitarian law - in Germany and around the world.

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