Haufe-Lexware optimises addressing customers with VIER Interaction Analytics


The Challenge

Haufe-Lexware wanted to know what its customers talk about on the phone: comprehensively and without gaps, neutrally and reliably. The primary goal was to determine which customers call about what products and to store the appropriate information in the system.

The Solution

VIER Interaction Analytics monitors and analyses the entire conversation and can process and document all the information. In this way, Haufe-Lexware gets a complete picture of what customers talk about on the phone and recurring topics are automatically identified. At the same time, Haufe-Lexware obtains information about how employees deal with these calls and can derive targeted training measures from this. This reduces the average handling time (AHT). Using the "if-then" function, Haufe-Lexware can also search for the right keywords, find them and deliver them to the employees. This improves the way conversations are conducted. With VIER Interaction Analytics, the customer approach is optimised and always kept up to date. The number of sales is increased with optimised call duration. 

The evaluation process with the tool is neutral and objective because every interview (if approved by the customer) is analysed. This gives Haufe-Lexware a perfect impression of the cross-section of all interviews and no longer individual random samples. This supports employee motivation, as employees can be fairly assessed and optimally trained. Employees feel safe and comfortable on the phone and have the opportunity to grow.  

With VIER Interaction Analytics, Haufe-Lexware can not only see the length of conversations, but also why some conversations are too long or too short. This can be used to improve the way conversations are conducted or to quickly identify technical problems. 

Haufe-Lexware uses VIER Interaction Analytics to verify online customer satisfaction surveys and find targeted conversations that went particularly well or particularly poorly. With a simple tag, a kind of sticky note that is attached to the conversation, the provider was able to establish a pool of conversations with suitable examples for training purposes. Haufe-Lexware uses these for staff training, where they help to reduce the time needed to train new colleagues. 

Service providers of Haufe-Lexware also use VIER Interaction Analytics. This ensures the provider's high quality standards and corporate wording for the optimal representation of the brand. Our service providers use the tool. VIER Interaction Analytics is also used intensively for coaching employees by the service providers. 

About Haufe-Lexware

Since 1989, Lexware has been offering self-employed professionals, freelancers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises commercial software solutions that are not only easy to use, but also save a lot of work. Since January 2010, the Lexware brand has been managed under the umbrella of Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG. A company of the Haufe Group, which is one of the most innovative media and software houses in the fields of law, business and taxes. 

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