Faster responses to email requests and less work for service teams with VIER evolve automate


The Challenge

The primary goals for the digital contract assistant Volders were, on the one hand, to increase efficiency as well as to reduce the time spent on processing email requests for the service teams. Against this background, Volders primarily intended to increase productivity and reaction speed through the use of artificial intelligence. For this purpose, a solution for the automatic processing of email requests as well as the intelligent support of the agents was needed.

The Solutions

By integrating special algorithms into the Volders ticketing system, it was possible to set up fully automated email responses and support agents in their work.

With the help of targeted training measures based on current procedures in machine learning, the system was already able to provide customers with an answer within a few seconds on its own and without processing by the service teams.

To further speed up the agents' work, an assistive component was also integrated. This provides agents with dynamic reply suggestions in real time, by inserting them into the reply message, making the processing of email requests much easier and more pleasant for the employees.

About volders

Volders is the first digital contract assistant that takes care of all aspects of its users' contracts: from cancelling and searching for offers to changing contracts and providers. Volders ensures the perfect organisation of contracts and is always there to support its users - personally, as experienced experts. Volders customers no longer miss cancellation deadlines and do not have to burden themselves with the time-consuming search for suitable offers. Platform users let Volders work for them and can sit back and relax. This way, users always have a good feeling about their contracts. And are free to do whatever they really want to do. Every day, Volders works as a team with great enthusiasm to ensure that its users' contracts fit their needs exactly.

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