Homeoffice for ever

Homeoffice for ever? Companies are investing in IT

23 Mar, 2021

The home office has become the "IT experience" for many employees: Without contact in the office, during lunch breaks or on business trips, the laptops, mobile phones and software applications provided are the only connection between employees and employers.

And this will develop into a permanent state, at least in part: 63 percent of IT executives believe that at least a quarter of their workforce will work permanently in the home office in the future, that is the result of a study by Qualtrics. The prospect of permanent home office is a challenge for IT departments. Yet just 28 per cent of IT departments already feel optimally positioned to meet the demands of the post-Corona era. Only 26 per cent know exactly which IT initiatives will boost their employees' motivation, productivity and performance. But according to the study, the will to improve technical equipment is there. To enable virtual teams to work efficiently, investments in cloud-based productivity tools (78 per cent) and video conferencing tools (75 per cent) are now standard in all companies. Managers are also spending money on instant messengers (68 per cent), email client applications (60 per cent), workflow automation (38 per cent) and employee collaboration tools.

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