New at VIER engage: AI-based text evaluation optimises automated email response

New at VIER engage: AI-based text evaluation optimises automated email response

Customers of VIER engage can now use the new, AI-based automated responses for text-based customer queries within the omnichannel solution. The extension is already included in the contract for all cloud customers and can be trained customer- and/or industry-specific before launch.

Here's how it works: Incoming emails can be answered automatically by VIER's self-developed AI analysing the content and automatically sending the appropriate response. "With this new, AI-based, self-learning option for automated replies, VIER is expanding the previous option of selecting email replies based on rules and previously defined criteria. This simplifies and speeds up the response and reduces waiting times for customers," explains Björn Osbahr, VIER Product Owner for VIER engage. "The intelligent reply option makes it possible to identify reasons for contact, even if these are not explicitly given as fixed expressions. So just like in our modern chat and voicebots, rigid terms such as 'cancellation', 'order' or 'complaint' are now no longer necessary in emails, but are automatically identified and processed by concern recognition."

Rainer Holler, CEO of VIER, adds: "Our strategy is to provide companies with end-to-end solutions from our VIER Cloud, which we operate ourselves in Germany. AI plays an important role in this, as our acquisitions in recent years make clear. With the new AI answers, contact centres are able to provide even better, faster customer service - which benefits the company and, above all, the respective customers."

The new automated email response is available with version 22.1 of VIER engage.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Feel free to contact your trusted VIER contact persons!

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