Unlimited communication - one platform: Interview with CEO Rainer Holler

Unlimited Communication – One Platform: Interview with CEO Rainer Holler

18 Jun, 2021

VIER is a player in the contact centre software market that wants to become a European alternative to US providers, for example. What strategy is VIER pursuing and which target groups are in the foreground? VIER's managing director answers these and other questions in the latest interview with the trade magazine INTRE.

INTRE: Rainer Holler, why are 4Com, voiXen, parlamind, Lindenbaum and PRECIRE joining forces right now?

Rainer Holler: The fact is that we have already been working together for quite some time and have cared for customers together. The companies have been carefully selected and their product portfolios complement each other perfectly. In the long run, however, it is not expedient to send our customers back and forth between partners...

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