„VIER and virtualQ deepen partnership

Optimal accessibility & customer satisfaction: VIER and virtualQ deepen partnership


Last update: 12 Aug, 2022 13:00


Technology company VIER is now integrating the virtualQ technology into its cloud ecosystem, adding a particularly smart callback and peak management system to the VIER engage omnichannel solution.


The intelligent waiting and callback management by virtualQ optimises the utilisation and accessibility in service centres with the help of algorithms based on machine learning and data science. The goal is the best possible agent utilisation with maximum availability and customer satisfaction. In addition, call peaks are smoothed and optimally distributed. Waiting loops are virtually eliminated.

Ralf Mühlenhöver, VIER Head of Product Strategy and Marketing, explains: "The smart algorithms by virtualQ bring an enormous gain in efficiency in the area of capacity utilisation management. As part of the partnership, customers of our omnichannel solution VIER engage can now benefit from these possibilities without much effort. We are very happy about that! In addition to our own AI solutions - VIER evolve - for e.g. Copilot and speech analysis, virtualQ perfectly complements our portfolio."

"VIER understands that the future of customer service depends on AI-based solutions that support, automate and optimise," adds Ulf Kühnapfel, founder and CEO of virtualQ. "This is also our vision for the future and it forms the perfect basis for our collaboration."

The virtualQ callback and peak management can now be booked by customers of VIER engage as an additional option at virtualQ. Various price and service packages are available.


About virtualQ

Since 2014, the German software provider virtualQ GmbH has been using unique and data-based solutions to transform previously unplannable call volumes into plannable ones. The tool can be integrated into various technological systems. Companies from various sectors, such as the insurance, finance, service provider, retail or energy industries, benefit from this. As the market leader for intelligent callback and appointment management solutions in customer service, virtualQ already supports a large number of leading companies, from small to medium-sized businesses to corporations.

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