Call Routing

Handle customer queries satisfactorily with intelligent call routing

What is "call routing"?

Routing and routing criteria are used to allocate incoming calls to specific agents or groups for handling via an ACD system in a call centre, thus controlling the call flow according to current requirements. The graphical representation of routing is the routing plan. The routing plan can be used to set up complex, multi-level forwardings for different scenarios and conditions. In addition, call centres can also define the ringing duration, the start of an announcement or the possibility of leaving a voice message. With modern ACD solutions, the current routing plan can be easily defined and changed or adapted at any time.

IVR supports routing

Caller prequalification via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is suitable for optimising routing. It makes it possible to record the caller's concerns more precisely and to assign them correctly, for example by asking for customer characteristics such as the customer or transaction number before the call. This leads to better processing efficiency and an overall improved customer experience. Prioritisation and intelligent routing allows calls to be routed to the right contacts in a targeted manner, optimising resource utilisation and reducing waiting times. Using a solution like the VIER IVR saves time and costs in implementation and maintenance and contributes positively to the communication efficiency of your business.

Sentiment-based routing

In addition, AI-based methods such as sentiment-based routing complement and expand the rule-based routing criteria. On the phone, for example, an open question at the start of a call ("What can we do for you?") allows a bot to recognise the mood and intent of the caller - e.g. questions or complaints about an order, credit for a return, or notification of a power outage - and route the caller accordingly. Depending on the request, this can be directed to an agent or, for simple, repetitive tasks, to a self-service or bot. In this way, AI-based sentiment routing increases the first-call resolution rate. The highlight: The solution is developed and trained specifically for each customer and application – and it keeps on learning!

Tip: This form of intent recognition also works for incoming emails. The software automatically learns the intent of emails based on certain terms and keywords, and routes them to the right people.

Omnichannel routing

Modern ACD systems such as VIER Multichannel ACD are able to automatically route not only calls, but all contact requests – be they calls, emails, chat requests or WhatsApp messages – across locations. All channels can also be prioritised against each other so that, for example, emails from gold customers will interrupt call handling.

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