Mühlenhöver says: AI based empowerment on the job - great thing!

Mühlenhöver says: AI based empowerment on the job - great thing!

Ever heard of "agent guidance"? That's certainly another one of those many buzzwords that disappear as quickly as they come into being, but at least they sound good. Right? Wrong!

„Agent Guidance“ refers to the support of employees in service and sales, but also in other company departments. But not with pens and brightly coloured Post-Its for the monitor, but with smart, AI-based assistants.

In concrete terms, it is about supporting employees, for example, in conversations with customers using speech analysis, live transcription and basic contact recognition and triggering the right actions. In other interactions such as emails or chats, the AI also provides recommendations for action and delivers arguments during the contact, thus supporting cross- and upselling and triggering downstream processes. And it also makes it possible to display all relevant data in one interface, regardless of where the information comes from. In this way, your employees are able to satisfactorily conclude enquiries via any channel in a reasonable amount of time, for both sides.

„Empowerment on the job“ through smart assistants is about using technology to increase the decision-making competence of employees, to confirm or correct them in their work. And all of this without a pointing finger and nasty looks. A great thing for anyone who wants to succeed in customer contact in the future. So: Do it!

Author: Ralf Mühlenhöver

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