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VIER engage ACD feature for temporary user assignment saves time!

21 Jul, 2021 11:30

From August, you can automatically add, remove and re-add staff members to defined ACD groups for specific periods of time.

With the new temporary user assignment in the ACD of VIER engage, users can be temporarily and automatically assigned to the selected groups, removed from them and, if necessary, automatically added again. Advantage: The otherwise necessary manual resubmission of users is no longer necessary.

Practical feature reduces effort

"In concrete terms, for example, a user who is absent for six weeks after an operation can be removed from the group for the corresponding period and then automatically added back," explains Heiko Michael, Product Owner at VIER. "This option saves considerable working time, especially when dealing with tens or even hundreds of employees who are to be assigned to certain groups on a regular or even temporary basis within defined periods," says Heiko Michael. Ralf Mühlenhöver, Head of Product Stratetgy & Marketing at VIER adds: "With this new configuration option, VIER meets the wishes of many of our clients! We enable them to noticeably accelerate their operational business."

The feature will be available from August 2021 with the release 21.2 of the ACD from VIER engage. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your VIER contact person!

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