VIER takes over learning platform oddity evolve

VIER takes over learning platform "oddity evolve" expanding AI-based communication analysis.

11 Nov, 2021 11:30

VIER GmbH has taken over the diagnostic, learning and development platform "oddity evolve" from oddity Jungle GmbH with immediate effect. This complements the existing range of speech-psychological analysis of communication that VIER offers on the basis of a European and US patent. The first step will be in the application areas of customer service, call centres and sales.

The acquired platform will be continued as "VIER Evaluation" in the usual scope and is available immediately for existing and new clients. The previous leadership focus of the analysis and development tools will be continuously expanded by VIER.

With "VIER Evaluation", VIER complements the artificial intelligence (AI)-based emotion analysis "VIER Emotion Analytics", which became part of the portfolio as part of the acquisition of PRECIRE GmbH. This provides companies, managers and employees with an objective, neutral insight into the impact of their communication and can then train and reinforce desired behaviour on the learning platform. The offer can be used for personal development, but also in the context of recruiting, personnel development and organisational development. Unique are the precise, psychological insights that have been scientifically determined on the basis of the world's largest study combining AI, language and psychology.

How it works

With "VIER Emotion Analytics by Precire", the personal impact profile of the participants is first determined on the basis of a simple speech sample. The analysis is AI-based and exclusively based on formal, structural and thus statistical, descriptive characteristics. From this, eight communicative modes of impact - e.g. calm; motivating; optimistic etc. - are determined. The result is value-free, because whether a high or low level is appropriate depends on the activities in which the participants communicate. A high degree of "empathy" can be an advantage in customer counselling, for example, but perhaps not in controlling.

The participants then have the opportunity to use "VIER Evaluation" to further develop their communication in terms of impact. The learning platform makes it possible to practise and train with regard to the desired potential for change and self-monitoring by means of re-evaluation.

A variety of application scenarios

  1. Personal development: Employees and managers learn about the possibilities for improving their communication, can further develop themselves in a self-determined way and expand their range of behaviour.
  2. Recruiting & staff development: The analysis can support staff selection by supplementing personal impressions with objective criteria and reducing subjective influences. Subsequently, the offer supports onboarding and further development.
  3. Organisational development: Companies analyse how, for example, departments communicate and cooperate with each other or how they are perceived externally by customers/suppliers/partners. suppliers/partners. The results can be compared with the desired values and norms and optimised accordingly.

"The success of organisations in managing the digital transformation depends to a large extent on their internal and external communication," explains VIER CEO Rainer Holler. "People and their communication are thus moving to the centre of the digital process. Successes in change are now finally visible with our offer. VIER now offers companies, managers and employees across all sectors the chance to develop the direction of their communication sustainably with the help of AI!

In our blog post you can learn more about the methods, use and opportunities of communication analysis or read the specialist article by VIER Business Development Manager Philipp Grochowski.

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