Service number 01806

01806 - the service number in the block tariff


01806 - the service number in the block tariff

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01806 - Service with block tariff

With 01806, you easily meet the legal requirements for free waiting loops on chargeable hotlines. At the same time, you benefit from the advantages of a 0180 service number: 01806 is billed per call, i.e. at a block rate, both in the fixed network and in mobile telephony. The fixed price means that callers do not incur any additional costs for any waiting times.
Tip: By optionally activating "Delayed Connect", you can delay the start of the charge to a maximum of 120 seconds if the call cannot be answered immediately!

01806-Costs for callers

In the German fixed network: 20 cents per call

In the German mobile network: max. 60 cents per call

01806 numbers - Advantages

  • Nationwide uniform service number

  • Location-independent call number

  • Cross-location call distribution with a wide range of IN functions

  • Configuration options for your service numbers

  • Online statistics for billing purposes

  • Optimised accessibility

  • Improved staff scheduling

  • 01806 numbers are NOT affected by the legal requirements for free waiting times (billing per call)

  • Upload of self-produced announcements on the web (optional)

  • In-depth reporting (statistics and analysis) with VIER engage

01806 - Free waiting fields

01806 connections are charged per call (block rate). This applies to both landlines and mobile phones! 01806 costs in the German fixed network amount to 20 cents, in mobile telephony max. 60 cents per call. By optionally activating "Delayed Connect", you can postpone the start of the chargeable period to a maximum of 120 seconds if a call cannot be answered immediately.

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