VIER workflow

Lean processes and clear workflows


VIER workflow

Added value

With VIER workflow you optimise your processes at every stage of customer interaction. Employees are relieved of routine tasks and gain more time. First resolution rate, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction increase!


Relieve your customer service teams from manually searching for customer information thanks to intelligent data provision.


Employees no longer have to switch between different interfaces thanks to the integration of the peripheral systems.

Employee satisfaction

By relieving the burden of routine tasks through our intelligent bots, employee satisfaction increases.

Third-party systems

Integrate your bot quickly and easily with a variety of directly supported third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, etc.


Our products assist your employees throughout the entire communication process. This begins before the greeting, continues through the dialogue and ends with the follow-up.


Manage incoming communications across all channels in just one clear dashboard.

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